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Navarchos Fleet Management Platform

With the increasing complexity of operations in transportation and logistics, there is an urgent need for companies with fleets to increase drivers and fleet productivity as well as to minimize their operational costs; therefore there is a significant demand for highly-capable, yet easy-to-use Fleet Management Systems (FMS).

Existing state-of-the-art FMS operate mainly on the cloud as a web service and provide significant graphical information system capability and capacity (the typical FMS dot-on-the-map functionality) as well as address the majority of operational and maintenance management requirements. On the other hand, existing solutions seem to exhibit a gap towards transforming the plethora of telemetry and tracking (big) data into rich insights and, especially, into cost-efficient, eco-friendly consultation for both drivers and various key decision makers such fleet managers.

Navarchos FMS is implemented and maintained in-house by our developers and provides a plethora of monitoring and reporting functionalities to fleet managers. Currently, is under way an important technological and innovation-driven upgrade (under Research Promotion Foundation funded Project Navarchos 2, from September 2018 to August 2020) in order to be able to compete world-class related platforms. More specifically, the main features that will be designed and implemented in the frameworks of Navarchos 2 include: a) real-time driver-centric notification and recommendations algorithms for promoting eco-driving behavior, b) intelligent metrics and analytics for empowering fleet managers to have a more comprehensive overview and complete control of their fleet, c) routing optimization and scheduling tools for increased fleet productivity, and d) scalable, highly available and high performance cloud-based infrastructure to support (a), (b) and (c).

Archimedes Solar System Cost Optimizer

Archimedes is a framework for cost/energy-efficient solar system analysis, design and optimization. Archimedes designed and developed in-house by our engineers and serves as the basic tool for carrying out techno-economic analysis of solar photovoltaic systems in order to meet energy demands under predefined constraints. Techno-economic analysis reveals the potential and cost-effectiveness of a solar system investment taking into account customer electricity historical record and technical requirements. Archimedes framework delivers a series of investment effectiveness metrics such as solar profit vs kWp, Return on Investment (ROI) vs kWp, Profit of Investment vs kWp, Internal Rate of Return vs kWp, and Annual Power Injection in the grid per kWp of installed capacity.